Meet the Founders

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Tony Abdelmalek

Taza's journey began in 2014 in the heart of the Mediterranean - Egypt. Founder, Tony Abdelmalek, returned to Egypt to celebrate his heritage and reconnect with his roots. While traveling the corridors of Cairo, he took notice to the street food that lined the roads. Tony became infatuated with the idea of bringing this piece of Egypt back with him to the United States. When he returned to Athens, Ga, Tony immediately began developing his traditional family recipes to create truly authentic falafel with made-from-scratch ingredients.

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Grayson Shurett

At the same time, long-time friend, Grayson Shurett, had just returned from studying in the Mediterranean. Grayson was inspired by the quality of the food that he encountered in France. With a new appreciation for th Mediterranean diet, he searched for an outlet to direct his focus. He met with Tony and was immediately inspired by his mission. With shared visions and a passion for changing the food industry, the two became partners.

Taza began as a pop-up falafel stand in 2014 on the University of Georgia’s east campus.

Now Taza supplies kitchens across the U.S. with authentic made-from-scratch falafel, allowing chefs and food fanatics to improve their menus and diets while bridging a few cultures along the way.

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