All-Natural Plant Protein

Taza - Origin: Persian

Definition: (adj.) Very Fresh


Taza's mission is simple: to bridge food cultures by introducing falafel as a natural and versatile plant-protein able to compliment any cuisine.


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Compliments to the chef

Taza falafel allows you create without limitations. No preparation & no allergens means no hassle. Add an ethnic flare to your menu and tap a growing health conscious market


Fewer ingredients to stock

No preparation time, no labor


100% Vegan / Free of the Top-8 Allergens

All-Natural. No Preservatives


No guess work. Same taste and texture, every time

Build your brand. Reduce growth pains


Flexible protein that can be used in a variety of dishes

Falafel Dough

Authentic falafel crafted from fresh veggies, chickpeas, and spices. Use to create wraps, sandwiches, tacos, salads, pizza, and appetizers. 

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Trim the fat

Average kitchen preparation time per 12lb batch of falafel (Up to 64 people)

1) Preparing ingredients - 15 mins

2) Mixing the ingredients - 15 mins

3) Portioning 192 1oz Nuggets - 20 mins

4) Cleanup & restock - 10 mins

Total time to make falafel for 64 people - 1 hr

Save one hour of kitchen preparation labor by using a 12lb case of Taza falafel

Save inventory space by reducing the amount of ingredients needed to be kept in stock


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